8 true story books to uplift and inspire


The world is full of amazing people. From rags and tales of riches to surviving through thick and thin, true stories are rich and varied, incredible tales to admire and inspire.

No wonder, then, that true story books are so popular. Immersing yourself in the lives of others is a way to find meaning, insight, and joy. Memories make us think, challenge our perceptions, and uplift us in our darkest moments.

You do not know where to start ? Here is our selection of the best true story books …

Educated by Tara Westover

that of Tara Westover New York Times bestselling memoir traces her experience growing up as a daughter of surviving Mormons, preparing for the end times and never going to school because her father was averse to education. She had not been registered for a birth certificate – according to the government, she did not exist.

Her father becoming more radical and her brother more and more violent, at 16, she knows she must leave home, in search of an education and a future beyond the constraints of her pass. A breathtaking and engaging read.


Educated: The Best Selling Memories Internationally

Windmill books

£ 6.99

The Heat of the Moment by Sabrina Cohen-Hatton

Sabrina was 17 when she joined the fire department. Before that, she had had a tumultuous upbringing, homeless as a teenager and living in the gates of abandoned churches and buildings. But her tenacity and dynamism led her to rise through the ranks, studying for a doctorate in decision-making while raising her little girl, becoming an ambassador of the Big problem and now, CFO of the West Sussex Fire and Rescue Service. She has challenged every imaginable stereotype and is an amazing woman.


In the heat of the moment: the life and death stories of a firefighter

Black Swan

£ 7.19

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert’s famous pilgrimage to find meaning in her 30s has resonated with readers around the world. Stuck in a rut and trapped in a life she realizes she no longer wants, she embarks on a journey that takes her to Rome, India and Bali, where she finds new adventures, new people. and new ideas. The question is, can she also find happiness?


Eat Pray Love


What Makes Us Stronger by Freya Lewis

Freya Lewis, 14 at the time, was one of the victims of the Manchester Arena attack. She had attended Ariana Grande’s concert with her friend Nell, who died tragically that night. Written by journalist Amisha Desai, this magnificent memoir traces Freya’s physical and psychological recovery, delivering a powerful message of hope, peace and love that will resonate with anyone going through difficult times.


What makes us stronger

Seven dials

£ 10.10

I am Malala from Malala Yousafzai

The astonishing story of the girl shot dead by the Taliban in 2012 after defending her right to education is a world famous success. Malala, now 18, has become an international symbol of peaceful protest and the youngest person to win a Nobel Peace Prize. She is currently studying at the University of Oxford. A reminder to all of us of the power of courage, youth and standing up for what you believe in.


I am Malala: how a girl stood up for education and changed the world

Orion children’s books

£ 6.55

It’ll hurt Adam Kay

While working as a junior doctor, Adam Kay kept diaries – and aren’t we glad he did? Hilarious, insightful and poignant in equal measure, there is nothing surprising It will hurt is a multi-million-copy bestseller, so popular that it even turned into a brilliant stage show.


It’ll hurt: the secret diaries of a young doctor


£ 4.50

A street cat named Bob by James Bowen

The image of a fat ginger cat in a knitted scarf and sitting on James Bowen’s shoulder is familiar to many of us. This remarkable true story of how a street cat saved James from being homeless and living hand to mouth, is a striking and heartwarming story. Sadly, Bob passed away in 2020 – but his legacy lives on.


A street cat named Bob: how a man and his cat found hope on the streets

Hodder Paperback

£ 4.60

The Little Big Things of Henry Fraser

When Henry Fraser was 17, he was on vacation with friends in Portugal when a freak accident changed his life forever. When he dived into the sea, he hit his head on a hilly seabed, becoming paralyzed from neck to toe. Since then, Henry has continued to forge a new life with incredible resilience and positivity. The little big things tells her story, while her new book, The Power In You, aims to inspire people to “embrace your past, live in the present and shape a positive future.”


The Little Big Things: the inspiring memoir of the year

Seven dials

£ 6.00

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