Amazon will soon let you add any e-book to your Kindle reader: How it works

Amazon Kindle readers will soon allow you to add any e-book as the company finally opens ePub format access for e-books. According to a report, Amazon mentioned the new feature rolling out later this year, allowing people to stop worrying about e-book formats before transferring them to the Kindle.

ePub is the most popular format used by publishers to bring e-books to market. And it took more than 15 years for Amazon to finally support the format on its Kindles.

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Thus, any e-book in ePub format will be compatible with Kindles later in 2022, but you still have to go through the tedious Send to Kindle option, which converts books in ePub format to the one that Amazon supports on its readers. . .

It’s not like ePub format eBooks haven’t been working on Amazon Kindle all this time. However, the process of converting the ePub file turned out to be tedious, causing people to completely give up using the file on the Kindle.

But once the update is rolled out by Amazon in the coming months, the Kindle will allow users to read any e-book as long as they are transferred using Amazon’s standard configuration. Interestingly, Kindle and the ePub file format hit the market in 2005, and it kind of took Amazon over 15 years to bring support to its consumer e-reader.

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It’s probably because Amazon now realizes that it has a strong mind-share in the overall e-reader market, and people making the switch from paperboard to digital will surely consider Kindle over other devices available.

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And who knows, Amazon’s new move could bring more people to Kindles, especially now that they can read all of their favorite titles, while going through a two-step process to get eBooks working on the reader.

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