Big Hit Entertainment releases free e-book of ‘Connect BTS’ exhibit

Big Hit Entertainment releases free e-book of ‘Connect BTS’ exhibit

In light of the raging pandemic, Big Hit Entertainment has decided to release its very first eBook and font featuring the canceled Connect BTS exhibit.

The exhibition initially turned out to be a public art project taking place in five cities, including: London, New York, Seoul, Buenos Aires and Berlin.

The theme was to create pieces that “resonate with BTS’s philosophy” on art and music, but were canceled due to covid-19.

In view of the sudden cancellation, Big Hit Entertainment decided to distribute a book which explained BTS’s connection to music and its foreword reads: “We continue to be amazed by the revolutionary power of music. when we meet and communicate with our fans through music and see our message resonate with them, and when we, in turn, will be healed and comforted by this process. The same must be true for the visual arts.

“We believe that art in all its forms shines the most when more people can easily access, experience and share it… We all come from different cultures and speak different languages. But we’re here together because we respect the value of diversity, and to send the message that different is good. It is the belief that our diversity can create a world where differences do not separate us but “bind” us together through our uniqueness.

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