Brian Taylor, AuD, Publishes New Personalization eBook

Hearing Health and Technology Matters (HHTM) has announced the launch of a new eBook by Brian Taylor, AuD, titled Essential: What four renowned audiologists can teach us about the value of personalization in the era of self-managed care.

Buying over-the-counter amplification devices without the direct intervention of a licensed professional is nothing new. After all, companies have been selling hearing aids by mail since at least the 1970s. What has changed, however, is way these types of devices are equipped. Today, people who have chosen to self-direct their care can use a simple push button or app to adjust and fine-tune their over-the-counter (OTC) hearing aids. Research even suggests that many people can adapt successfully and achieve a “good enough” outcome.

Why should patients settle for “good enough” when they can get optimized results, delivered caringly by an expert professional?

Brian Taylor’s new e-book hopes to provide answers. With the rise of self-adjusting innovations, hearing care professionals (HCPs) need to focus on practices and techniques that optimize outcomes for the individual – those that cannot be replicated by self-adjusting OTC devices. adjustable. Looking back over the past 40 years of audiology research, Brian Taylor’s new e-book summarizes several proven ideas, originally published by four renowned and late-stage researchers, that healthcare professionals can use to personalize patient care, optimize results and go beyond do-it-yourself approaches.

Essential: What four renowned audiologists can teach us about the value of personalization in the age of self-managed care, is now available at the HHTM bookstore.

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