Center for Biosimilars® launches educational e-book for biosimilar stakeholders

The Center for Biosimilars® has launched “Biosimilars 101: Practice Concerns, Market Acceptance, and the Biosimilars Pipeline”, an eBook for the healthcare community. This publication contains insightful analysis and advice from key opinion leaders who are actively engaged in the daily effort to understand biosimilar trends and bring these agents inexpensively to patients who need them.

“Biosimilars 101: Practice Issues, Market Acceptance, and the Biosimilar Pipeline” answers some of the most fundamental and common questions about these important agents: How should the patient-physician conversation about these agents be approached? What biosimilars are available and in what disease categories will they be available next? Have biosimilars been accepted and what roadmap should a healthcare facility follow to achieve greater savings and greater access to biosimilars for patients? And finally, where do biosimilars come from? What was the legislative intent and regulatory basis that led to the development of an approval path for these biological copies?

Biosimilars are approved by regulatory authorities as safe and effective versions of original biologics without clinically significant differences. Their acceptance and use in the United States and Europe has grown rapidly, and the number of companies around the world joining the effort to produce these more economical agents bodes well for efforts to reduce the cost. growing organic products. Biosimilars accounted for $ 2.2 billion in savings in health care costs in the United States in 2019, according to the Association for Accessible Medicines. There is the potential for even greater savings.

Indeed, as recently stated by Dan Kistner, Group Senior Vice President for Pharmaceutical Solutions at Vizient, “One of the keys to managing costs for healthcare systems is the adoption of biosimilars upon arrival. on the market. There are now 12 biosimilars available and where there are 2 or more competitors we have seen prices up to 30% lower than the brand name product. Providers and payers now need to better align to take full advantage of competition to lower the cost of care. “

“Biosimilars 101: Practice Issues, Market Acceptance, and the Biosimilars Pipeline” is packed with useful information for the healthcare provider, patient advocate, practice administrator, or industry professional to follow. evolution of biosimilars or use them for greater savings and access. Get your copy by clicking here.

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