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The entry of “electronic books” into our daily lexicon and our way of reading – a habit that has supported the intellectual growth of our species – has been nothing short of revolutionary. With the digitization of reading came the ebook reader, the first of which was the Rocketbook in 1998. Since then, several ebook readers have burst onto the legion of readers in the market with great improvements seen in subsequent generations with Amazon Kindle being the boy poster for what an ebook reader should look like.

In today’s new normal, more and more documents are lapped up and read voraciously through e-book readers. To ensure a healthy reading experience in your own personalized comfort mode, be on the lookout for the best eBook reader in town. Make reading an experience that always requires you to read books again. And I’m not talking about paperbacks.

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Here are some of the eBook readers you can check out:

Amazon Kindle Oasis

Widely touted as the best e-book reader on the market, the Amazon Kindle Oasis is unique in itself, providing enough space to store audible books and thousands of other books in the format that suits you. A 7-inch screen and automatic front lighting that adapts the screen to the lighting conditions allow the user to harmonize with the surroundings and avoid the risk of eye strain.

That’s not all, the Kindle Oasis lives up to its name with its waterproof design letting you know your device won’t be tampered with from the inside with light touches of water. Whether in the tub or in a family pool or in lonely moments of introspection, the Kindle Oasis serves as an oasis of relaxation as you flip through your favorite readings, accessible with turn-page buttons.

Although it does not support EPUB files, the Kindle Oasis offers a robust library for choosing multiple readings. A perfect companion who has an emotional appeal to your sense of awe and wonder.

Prince ranges from 28,000 BDT to 34,000 BDT.

Kindle Paperwhite

If you’re looking for an eBook reader in a reasonable price bracket, Kindle Paperwhite does the trick. Lightweight, sleek, and crisp in design and layout, the device gives you access to an enhanced library that has something for everyone to read.

The device comes in handy if you are a big fan of audiobooks. With the blessing of Bluetooth connectivity, you can listen to your favorite readings with wireless headphones.

Prices vary from 14,000 BDT to 18,000 BDT.

Kobo Clara

If you are looking for an eBook reader that covers various eBook formats, has a reasonable price range and reasonable resolution, then Kobo Clara is the choice for you. Different from Amazon Kindle in that it does not support Kindle files and is relatively little known, this device has a 6 inch screen weighing only 166 grams, making it a lightweight device for intensive reading sessions. longer.

With 14 different ebook media file formats available, this is perhaps the most convenient ebook reader available to you. Kobo has its own massive library of over 4 million titles, so the bookworm eager to discover something new to delve into.

Prince ranges from 16,000 BDT to 20,000 BDT.

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