Child rights activist launches e-book on World Children’s Day

Ruth Grobler, South African author and founder of Sinakekele Children, has launched the e-book version of her book Who Will Love Children? November 20 (World Children’s Day).

Sinakekele Children is a Durban-based non-profit organization that has been helping abandoned babies for years.

The book tells the story of Ruth’s life working on behalf of children’s rights and to change the lives of vulnerable children.

Ruth adopted four children and welcomed many more, and although all her efforts did not have a happy ending, as the book tells (including the poignant story of one of her own adopted sons) its story and life’s work are inspiring, and the book has received excellent reviews from reviewers who have read it before.

What makes the Book of Ruth really different is that it is released in conjunction with two music albums Scribbled in Blue and Umbrellas Should Be Yellow by a group called Holograph.

She wrote the lyrics for all the songs and also plays bass guitar for the band, which is made up of a group of young people, many of whom have autism.

Ruth is one of the great protectors of children of our time, an unsung heroine whose lifelong dedication to protecting children has taken her on an incredible journey.

After writing a song when she was just 19 called Who Will Love the Children ?, Ruth followed a fascinating and inspiring path that pushed her to the depths of despair, elevated her to the heights of faith and inspired her to help and heal children who were struggling to survive in a damaged world.

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She is still involved today in the fight for children’s rights in her community.

Who will love the children? is a raw, unfiltered portrayal of Ruth’s life course, in which she reflects on the enduring importance of faith and her passionate and enduring dedication to saving abandoned children.

With its regrets, beliefs, joys, hardships and triumphs, Ruth’s extraordinary true story of an unlikely life of struggles and setbacks, courage and faith, renewed hope and ultimate perseverance is told. with unashamed and unfailing honesty.

Heartbreaking but ultimately uplifting, Who will love children? is an honest, powerful, compelling and deeply human autobiography – both heartbreaking and heartwarming – and a true testimony of faith.

About the Author

Ruth Grobler was born and raised in KwaZulu-Natal.

She founded and runs Sinakekele Children and also works in the IT industry as a project manager.

She holds a degree in Information Technology and is the mother of her biological and adopted children, as well as numerous foster children.

Ruth is also a songwriter and plays bass guitar for a group of young people, most of whom have autism.

She lives according to a philosophy of life according to which on rainy days “umbrellas must be yellow”.


“Ruth’s honest and intriguing story is about a woman who refused to give up on herself, her family, and most importantly her call to obey God’s plan for her life. This fascinating book reveals both the breathtaking miracles and the pragmatic hard work of Ruth’s vocation – to love the vulnerable children of South Africa. – Jess Basson (pastor, speaker and author).

“The autobiography of Ruth Grobler, children’s rights activist and advocate for children, is a compelling read and an incredible testament to the power of the human spirit to overcome the challenges that life throws at us. – Elle Matthews (award-winning screenwriter, author and creative coach).

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