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The construction specifierThe sponsored e-book series now includes a technical discussion of maintaining resilient flooring systems.

The construction specifier announced the latest volume in its series of free downloadable e-books – a technical discussion on the maintenance of resilient flooring systems.

The eBook provides various features on archaic concrete flooring systems, best practices for specifying resin flooring systems, and durability and performance considerations.

The curated collection of magazine articles also highlights how to recognize archaic concrete floor systems before attempting any repairs, alterations or construction, and how to avoid inadvertently damaging the integrity of a structure.

He explains why it is important to consider all environmental factors and design choices before choosing a particular type of flooring, as resin flooring is not a one-size-fits-all product.

And describes how material science, composition and installation can affect the durability and performance of a flooring application.

Download the Maintenance of resilient flooring systems e-book in two different formats—digital edition or PDF—by visiting

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