EVAIn.E: Volume 1 There was a place

The advancement of technology at Deneva and the creation of EVAIn.E. to save the human inhabitants

…Look at the constellations above us to see where there can be only one meaning to this mystery. In the days ahead, the world expands among the immense spiral arms of our galaxy…”

— Excerpt from EVAIn.E. : Book 1 There Was a Place by Jackson Burrows

TUCSON, ARIZONA, USA, March 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jackson Burrows has released his science fiction book titled EVAIn.E. : Book 1
There was a place: a world exists where the incomparable beauty of an extraterrestrial technology meets
his ultimate challenge; To remain protective of their transcendent secret yet to be born. Adjust
in their spiral galaxy, between the vast waves of Mira and Axis Prime, an explorer society
called Deneva created the answer to a harmonious continuation in the universe. A citizen of
remarkable insight and intelligence, Dr. Shesgal Ollemanhalu, created a transferable virtual tool
representative of his doctoral work in the natural world to help his people establish the
natural development of genesis to save his race. He named his virtual creation, EVAIn.E.
“It’s brilliant and compelling sci-fi, so original and unique. I loved it! I loved it
this world that has been created and that I can be part of for a while. This is one of the best stories
there.” — Dr. Patricia Eroh, Amazon customer review.

“The idea of ​​superbings, superhumans and superheroes has been a well-known concept that
we often see in various media outlets. Maybe we recognize our fragility and dream of overcoming
all our weaknesses to become the ultimate being… The book allows you to explore this world
where superiority becomes a reality. The Denevans have always desired the procreation of a

At first I thought that the work of EVAIN.E. was going to be a messenger from the past. That is to say
already an honorable mission. But you will see by reading the book what this blue light
the entity is capable of doing to them. Brilliant work of fiction!” — Daniel Davis, Goodreads reaction

“I was amazed. There is nothing written that is familiar to other authors, and this work is one of
a kind of! The characters are unique in substance and titles, and the underlying mystery continues
imagination. Awesome and can’t wait for the second book to come out. – Jack R. Fulsom Sr. Amazon
Customer reviews.

EVAIn.E. : Volume 1 There was a place: a world exists where the incomparable beauty of
alien technology meets its ultimate challenge; Stay protective of their secret
Transcending yet to be born
Written by: Jackson Burrows
Hardcover |
Paperback |

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