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Take your best travel images

Capture people, buildings and customs and sell more photos (Image credit: future)

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It’s been a while since we launched a travel photography story. For the past two years, it’s been hard to get out and explore the world with a camera. In this issue, we therefore had a lot of fun organizing a special masterclass. Learn how to capture better images of places, people, and architecture for better performance on social media and stock sites. Sell ​​more images and help you earn money on the go!

Everything you need to know about flash

Use flash like a pro for better results today (Image credit: future)

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Flash is a love-hate aspect of photography. Many photographers don’t like the look that adding flash gives to their images, but that may be because they’re not using it correctly. Although this is a complex topic, we’ve worked with the pros to compile a handy guide to high-end flash photography, from flashes to strobes. Learn how to balance flash light with ambient light, all about modifiers and which ones to choose, creating special effects and adding a splash of color with gels and continuous lights. If you want to shoot events, weddings or portraits, you won’t want to miss this!

Shoot the backlit insects

Create some sparkle in your nature images (Image credit: future)

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Insect photography is almost a genre in its own right, with a unique skill set needed to get the most out of your fast-moving subject. However, even once you have a nice composition, insect images can end up looking a bit like record shots. For extra depth and artistic input, try this technique from industry veteran Ross Hoddinott, (opens in a new tab) which walks us through the shooting and editing steps of this basic macro lighting trick. If you enjoy exploring nature with a camera, this should definitely be on your bucket list.


Visits by Peter Fenech Gavin Forster (opens in a new tab)a commercial photographer with a varied approach to trades and specialties. (Image credit: future)

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Group test: affordable standard zooms

On a budget? Try these more affordable options compared to the usual Trinity zooms and save some money. (Image credit: future)

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