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Incredible close-ups

Master the art of macro field crafting with Geraint Radford (Image credit: future)

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This month, our main feature is capturing the small details. Professional Macro Photographer and Olympus Ambassador Geraint Radford (opens in a new tab) has compiled an essential field guide, which walks us through the essentials of close-up nature photography, from selecting the right equipment for the job, to technical focus considerations and creative compositions. Learn to capture new perspectives from an insect’s perspective. We think this is one of the best macro features we’ve run lately, for speed and ease, so don’t miss it!

Creative composites

Think composition skills are just for digital artists? Think again… (Image credit: future)

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Once you’re done reading this, explore our image composition masterclass feature. This exciting genre of creative photography has many practical applications and, as the tips and tricks in this feature prove, with the right lighting and editing skills, anything is possible. Learn professional techniques with the help of experts like Serge Ramelli and Brooke Shaden, to construct otherwise impossible images.

The skills you’ll learn in this feature can help boost your success in any genre of photography, so if you want to grow on social media and earn more from stock, this one’s for you.

Landscapes in harsh light

Control exposure and color in all lighting conditions with our handy guide. (Image credit: Peter Fenech)

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You cannot shoot landscapes in midday sunlight. Have you ever heard that? We thought so because we heard it too, for many years. The truth is much more fun! Although the golden hours are often favored due to their softer light and warmer colors, it is not always possible, or even desirable, to take landscape photos during these times. In our Creative Project pages this month, we go over the key steps to balancing exposure to harsh summer lighting and introducing a sense of movement, regardless of the weather and time of day.

Make your work go viral online

Having an online presence is essential in 2022, but making it work for your business is a whole different challenge. Dive into our careers article, where Claire Gillo explores how viral marketing can drive huge audience engagement and next-level sales. (Image credit: future)

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All about NFTs

Are non-fungible tokens a fad or is there really a lot of money to be made selling your photographs as NFTs? (Image credit: future)

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