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Better bird photos

Skyrocket your bird photography with our in-depth guide (Image credit: future)

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Bird photography is a tricky genre to master. Your subjects are inherently quick, agile, and seemingly erratic. However, with a good working knowledge of bird behavior, it is possible to capture stunning images by applying your photographic skills. In this first article of the issue, we look at the equipment, research, locations and camera skills you need to capture birds in flight, in their stunning habitats and in exceptional light. If you love nature imagery, you won’t want to miss this one!

Understanding your lenses

Get more from your optics by understanding their key terms and technology (Image credit: future)

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It is often said that lenses are the most important aspect of a camera system. Camera models themselves come and go and are refreshed quite often, while lenses form the backbone of any photographer’s kit. In our second article in this issue, we dive deep into tech lenses of all types. We explore the anatomy, compatibility, and characteristics of each, so you can make more informed buying decisions and shoot better images in any situation, starting today!

Creative outdoor portrait

Tom Calton (opens in a new tab) is your guide to shooting and editing portraits of amazing locations in this issue. (Image credit: future)

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The outside world offers enormous opportunities for stunning portraits, beyond the average staged studio image. However, you have challenges ahead and Tom Calton is here to help. In our creative project, he explains how to manage light, properly compose your images and work with vivid colors, for portrait studies at height in the great outdoors.

Brand Identity

Visits by Peter Fenech Rosie Parson (opens in a new tab) to her home studio in Exeter to find out how she captures her unique portraits of businesswomen. (Image credit: future)

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Collective test: super telephoto lenses

Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon or Sony? Which super telephoto lens is the best of the bunch? Find out in our collective test of number 253! (Image credit: future)

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