Global eBook Readers Market Overview to 2027


Dublin, Sept. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The report “E-Book Reader Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunities and Forecast 2022-2027” has been added to from offer.

The global e-book reader market size reached US$396.5 million in 2021. Looking forward, the publisher expects the market to reach US$204.7 million by 2027 Bearing in mind the uncertainties of COVID-19, we continuously monitor and assess the direct and indirect influence of the pandemic. This information is included in the report as a major market contributor.

E-book readers are portable electronic devices that make it easier to read digital books and periodicals. They are designed to operate for long hours while consuming minimal energy. Besides that, they can store a huge collection of books and other publications. Unlike smartphones and tablets that have a liquid crystal display (LCD) or a light-emitting diode (LED) display, e-book readers have a monochrome display, also known as e-paper displays. and e-ink, which is anti-glare, less straining on the eyes, and easily visible in sunlight.

eBook Reader Market Trends:

Digital advancements in the education sector are increasing the adaptation of online learning into the curriculum to enhance the personal learning experience of students. This represents one of the key factors for market growth. E-book readers provide free e-books, which include fiction, classics, and reference texts, and allow the reader to search for keywords and add footnotes as well as hyperlinks.

Therefore, students, especially in universities, are switching from conventional books to e-books to improve their overall reading experience. In addition, some of the major manufacturers operating in the industry offer additional features, such as an offline dictionary, navigation buttons, foreign language learning, access to a cloud for managing purchased books, color-adjustable front lighting and expanded storage for audiobooks, to expand their existing consumer base.

Additionally, rising internet penetration, changing lifestyles, and inflation in income levels are propelling the growth of the market. Apart from this, the growing awareness of paper saving is expected to support the growth of the market in the coming years.

The latest report from the publisher provides an in-depth insight into the global e-book reader market covering all its essential aspects. It ranges from macro market overview to micro details of industry performance, recent trends, key market drivers and challenges, SWOT analysis, Porter’s five forces analysis,… value chain analysis, etc. This report is essential reading for industry players, investors, researchers, consultants, business strategists, and anyone with any interest in or planning to foray into the e-book reader industry in any way. that is.

Competitive Landscape:

The report has also analyzed the competitive landscape of the market with some of the major players being Aluratekn Inc., Inc., Apple Inc., Barnes & Noble, Inc., Blurb, Inc, SAS BOOKEEN, Ectaco Inc, PocketBook International SA, Rakuten Kobo Inc. and Sony Corporation, etc.

Answers to key questions in this report:

  • How has the global e-book reader market behaved so far and how will it behave in the coming years?
  • What are the main regional markets?
  • What has been the impact of COVID-19 on the global e-book reader market?
  • What is the market breakdown by screen type?
  • What is the market breakdown by screen size?
  • What is the market breakdown by type of connectivity?
  • What is the breakdown of the market according to prices?
  • What is the market breakdown by end user?
  • What is the market breakdown by distribution?
  • What are the different stages of the industry value chain?
  • What are the key drivers and challenges in the industry?
  • What is the structure of the global e-book reader market and who are the key players?
  • How competitive is the industry?

Main topics covered:

1 Preface

2 Scope and methodology

3 Executive summary

4 Presentation
4.1 Overview
4.2 Key Industry Trends

5 Global e-book reader market
5.1 Market Overview
5.2 Market Performance
5.3 Impact of COVID-19
5.4 Market Forecast

6 Market Breakdown by Display Type
6.1 E-Ink screen
6.1.1 Market trends
6.1.2 Market Forecast
6.2 LCD display
6.2.1 Market trends
6.2.2 Market Forecast

7 Market Breakdown by Screen Size
7.1 Below 6 inches
7.1.1 Market trends
7.1.2 Market Forecast
7.2 6-8 inches
7.2.1 Market trends
7.2.2 Market Forecast
7.3 8-10 inches
7.3.1 Market trends
7.3.2 Market Forecast
7.4 Above 10 inches
7.4.1 Market trends
7.4.2 Market Forecast

8 Market Breakdown by Connectivity Type
8.1 WiFi
8.1.1 Market trends
8.1.2 Market Forecast
8.2 3G/4G and Wi-Fi
8.2.1 Market trends
8.2.2 Market Forecast
8.3 3G/4G
8.3.1 Market trends
8.3.2 Market Forecast

9 Market Breakdown by Price
9.1 Low price
9.1.1 Market trends
9.1.2 Market Forecast
9.2 Average price
9.2.1 Market trends
9.2.2 Market Forecast
9.3 High price
9.3.1 Market trends
9.3.2 Market Forecast

10 Market Breakdown by End User
10.1 Students
10.1.1 Market Trends
10.1.2 Market Forecast
10.2 Professionals
10.2.1 Market Trends
10.2.2 Market Forecast
10.3 Others
10.3.1 Market Trends
10.3.2 Market Forecast

11 Market Breakdown by Distribution
11.1 Store Based
11.1.1 Market Trends
11.1.2 Main types Supermarkets and Hypermarkets Specialized stores Others
11.1.3 Market Forecast
11.2 Out of store
11.2.1 Market Trends
11.2.2 Market Forecast

12 Market Breakdown by Region

13 SWOT Analysis

14 Value chain analysis

15 Analysis of the five forces of carriers

16 price indicators

17 Competitive landscape
17.1 Market structure
17.2 Key Players
17.3 Profiles of Key Players
17.3.1 Aluratekn Inc. Presentation of the company Product portfolio
17.3.2 Inc. Presentation of the company Product portfolio Finance SWOT Analysis
17.3.3 Apple Inc. Presentation of the company Product Portfolio Finance SWOT Analysis
17.3.4 Barnes & Noble, Inc. Company Overview Product Portfolio SWOT Analysis
17.3.5 Blurb, Inc. Company Overview Product portfolio
17.3.6 SAS RESERVATION Company Overview Product portfolio
17.3.7 Ectaco Inc. Company Overview Product portfolio
17.3.8 Pocketbook International SA Company Overview Product portfolio
17.3.9 Rakuten Kobo Inc. Company Overview Product portfolio
17.3.10 Sony Corporation Company Overview Product portfolio Finance SWOT Analysis

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