Hang Seng Bank: and HKFWS launch interactive e-book to help elementary school students develop good spending habits (April 14, 2022)

April 14, 2022

Hang Seng and HKFWS launch interactive e-book to help elementary school students develop good spending habits

Hang Seng Bank and Hong Kong Family Welfare Society (HKFWS) continue their initiatives to help young people develop healthy attitudes towards spending with the launch of an interactive e-book under their joint organizationed’e$mart financial education program.

Using bright colors and lively illustrations, the e-book uses storytelling to engage young readers while exposing them to different spending scenarios with the aim of helping them understand the importance and benefits of making good spending decisions. . Several mini-games are embedded in the stories, and each role-playing scenario can be completed in 15 minutes. The e-book includes a quiz that can be used to assess student understanding of information and concepts presented in the book. There is also a set of money management strategies and tools that parents can use when discussing spending habits with their children.

Hang Seng and HKFWS have been working together on the e$mart financial education program since 2019. The program aims to help students in grades 4 to 6 develop their knowledge of money management and electronic transactions. Ofring ‘fun day events and workshops, students learn using specially designed “digital portfolios” in various role-play activities that require them to estimate the value of everyday goods and make smart purchases. These practical handson’ experiences help tYoung participants encourage healthy attitudes and ideas about spending and consuming.

Members of the public can create an account to access the e-book in just four simple steps. (The e-book is only available in Chinese)

  • 1) Access the home page of the e-book(https://ebook.esmart.org.hk)on a computer, tablet or other personal electronic device and select Register now.

  • 2) After entering a username, a valid email address and the designated password (EASTER22), press Confirm.

  • 3) A confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided. Click on activate my account and enter the selected username and password provided in the confirmation email.

  • 4) The display will show ‘Athe account is verified after successful activation. Users can then log in to the eBook with the selected username and password provided in the confirmation email.


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A new “smart spending”-the book produced as part of the e$mart financial education program uses gamification to improves interest and learning.

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Creating an account to access the e-book involves just four simple steps.

About Hang Seng Corporate Sustainability

As a local financial institution, Hang Seng Bank shares the drive, determination and dreams of Hong Kong people and strives to help build a prosperous and sustainable future for the city. Young people are the key to sustainability. Involving them and providing them with development tools is crucial for their success. This is why a the key element of Hang Seng’s approach to sustainability is to equip Hong Giving young people the skills, knowledge and self-esteem to enable them to thrive. The Bank is committed to developing sustainable financial education programs such as the e$mart financial education program, the Money Master financial education program and the Money-wise Kids financial education program to improve financial literacy and money management skills for young people of all ages.

Hang Seng is also committed to society at large and has identified four pillars in its community investment program: equipping young people with future skills for employability, improving their financial literacy and promoting sustainable finance, addressing concerns about climate change and caring for the community. In 2021, Hang Seng invested HK$31 million in community development in Hong Kong, bringing his total contribution over the past decade to HK$289 million.

About the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society

The Hong Kong Family Welfare Society was established in 1949 and is one of the leading non-governmental social welfare charities in Hong Kong. With a “familycentric”, we are committed to providing quality and professional products social services to improve the well-being of families and individuals in Hong Kong and foster a caring community. The Hong Kong Family Welfare Society has been providing financial education services since 2007 and established the Financial Education Center in 2017. The Center is designed to promote financial literacy among children, young people and parents through activities experiences, edutainment programs and social media platforms. It also offers certification training in financial social work to equip social workers, teachers and helping professions with the skills to intervene in finance-related issues.

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