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HILLSBOROUGH, NJ – Accomplished Hillsborough composer and music teacher Larisa Suknov has released a new piano book for all ages.

“Tangos and More: Sounds From Around the World” with the Neil A. Kjos Music Company is an intermediate level piano book inspired by music from around the world.

The book is filled with 11 piano solos in a variety of musical styles. There are five different tangos, solos in a classic Viennese style, an Irish jig, ragtime as well as solos with Italian and Chinese influences.

“I wrote this book because it brings me happiness when children like to play the piano. I know from teaching experience that when children like the music they are taught, they approach each piano lesson with enthusiasm, ”Suknov said. “I composed each piano solo with both students and piano teachers in mind. All compositions feature instantly engaging and memorable melodies and are meticulously provided with instructional materials for both hands.”

The book is intended for pianists of all ages, including children taking piano lessons, piano teachers as well as adults who play the piano at their leisure. It can also be used as accompanying music for ballet lessons and workshops.

“My hope is to plant the seed of music with today’s youth so that they can grow up and inspire future generations to love the beauty of the piano,” Suknov said.

Suknov is a music teacher with over 40 years of experience. She has taught a wide range of local students at her Hillsborough piano studio.

Tangos and More costs $ 6.50 and can be purchased direct from kjos.com and all the major music stores.

Check out audio clips from the book below:

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