How is reading a book better than reading an e-book


How is reading a book better than reading an e-book

Introduction: Nowadays, people are so engrossed with smartphones and laptops that they have forgotten the feeling of reading books. Even if they want to, they would rather read something on their phone or laptop. The feeling, touch and smell of having a book in your hands can never be compared to an e-book.

On the other hand, for a gadget-adventurous person, gifting them an e-book can be a life-changing experience. Reading is very important nowadays, people won’t update themselves by reading a newspaper now, they will put a notification reminder in their gadget which will keep them updated on every current business. Everything has its pros and cons.

Reading an e-book can bring you closer to the world of technology which is harmful to your health, especially your eyes, and reading a book can bring you closer to the traditional way of reading. When you are more influenced by real books, you can collect them, cherish them for life, and make a good collection of books that you have already read and it will always give you a sense of attachment and emotion that ‘an e-book can never give.

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Reluctant young people prefer e-reading:

When you buy a book and then read it, it establishes a connection between you and the book itself. The phrase “Books are our best friends” is not entirely wrong. If you read a book that interests you, there is no turning back. You don’t need friends to pass your time; reading is always going to be a better option to make your time productive and grow, which most kids don’t these days.

It doesn’t matter whether you read a book or an e-book, if it helps you develop your personality, there is nothing wrong. Some people love the smell of a book, the smell and feel of the classic book held in their hand, and these people may not want to give up the sensory experience of reading a book. Reluctant young people prefer to read an e-book. An e-reader has more in common with electronic devices that young people use all the time like smartphones or iPads than a paper book. Some people can’t read books because of the myth they have in their mind that books are boring and they start to feel sleepy, but on the other hand, they can use their gadgets for hours in watching movies and browsing social media.

Reading a book stimulates retention:

Reading on paper can boost retention, and several small studies have suggested that reading a book rather than an e-book is better for memory retention and concentration. The Guardian reported on an experiment in Norway where people were given a short story to read either from a Kindle or a paper book, when asked later those reading the paper book were likely to remember more than people who read Kindle. It shows the power of a paper book, how it can help us remember so many important things just by reading it.

The paper helps protect people from high levels of screen brightness and is suitable for readers with sleep disturbances and eye strain. Reading paper books is not only good for the eyes, it’s also a very good habit. An electronic device used for reading can contribute to eyestrain, a condition marked by fatigue, itching and burning eyes. Reading an e-book before bed also decreases the production of metabolism, a hormone that prepares the body for sleep.

Reading on paper can reduce screen time:

Many book lovers still prefer the traditional way of reading a book. Right now everyone has to reduce their screen time and adults are running out of options to do something good with their time rather than scroll through their social media, the last option they have left is a book of reading that will only lead to something good and will not harm their health in any way. If they are reading with an e-book, it will not result in productive activity. Decreased screen time is a major problem these days and not just with adults, but even with toddlers, teens, and seniors. The only source of collecting information somewhere rather than the Internet is only books.


Getting quick information from the internet has solved so many things for us and made it possible for all of us to continue learning different things just by searching for them on our smartphones, but that doesn’t mean that books aren’t important anymore. Books are our heritage which must be safeguarded and protected until we are on earth. Written information is more valuable than information available online. Books are full of knowledge, they give you life lessons and teach you about difficulties, love, fear and every little thing that is part of our life.

The books have been here for centuries and contain the knowledge of our past, our civilization and our culture. Reading books also helps us manage stress and calm our minds. They shed light on our past events and you can always keep them with you for the rest of your life. You will always have a refreshing feeling every time you open a book to read it again, the touch and the feeling you will feel will refresh all the memories and thoughts you had when you first read the same book. The attachment you feel with the paper book will never be the same as with the electronic book.

Books give us insight into how other people live, broaden our view of the world, influence our thoughts on politics and social issues, show us how to be better people, and help us not feel alone. Developing an interest in reading books is easy, just find a book that interests you and from that day forward books will be your best friend.

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