If the Dying Could Speak – Malaysia’s First COVID-19 eBook, Dedicated to Survivors, the Dying and the Dead

Waking up each day and greeting another sunrise is a blessing and a miracle. Seeing and touching the dew of the first morning is a joy that gives hope and strength to continue. Sadly, we missed over 30,000 Malaysians who have died from Covid-19 and can no longer see the sunrise.

“We are blessed, gifted, grateful and grateful to live another day. But for those who have left us, we feel the loss and the pain. We cry and cry, but the void can never be replaced. We all miss you sadly, and we express our prayers and our sincere gratitude for being a part of our lives and serving this community that we have shared, ”as the author I pay tribute in my opening dedication page , from the book IF THE DYING COULD TALK.

This is Malaysia’s first e-book on Covid-19, IF THE DYING COULD SPEAK, dedicated to the survivors, the dying and the dead. The online book was released by e-sentral Malaysia e-bookstore on Friday, December 3, 2021.

The dedication page continues: “Life is a journey and as we come to the last stage we begin to realize that all the titles, accolades, scrolls and riches we have acquired no longer matter.

In the final analysis, it’s not the hours we’ve worked to work, the properties we’ve acquired, the arguments we’ve earned, and the wealth we’ve accumulated that matters. What matters will be the moments we have shared, the character we have built and the love given generously to all.

Ultimately, it is about how we made someone else feel through our words and actions; it is a life well lived, and a life lived with gratitude and love. Perhaps, a life of importance.

At 72 years old, I decided to write this book after retiring as a journalist and associate professor. The book chronicles healthcare experts, columnists and loved ones of the dead and reveals detailed anecdotes of how the dying took their breath away.

Jenny Maganran Goh, Senior Lecturer at Xiamen University in Malaysia, said in the foreword: “IF THE DYING CAN SPEAK is unprecedented; it is a bold and commendable initiative to present ideas and lessons shared by Malaysian health experts, as well as to highlight the plight of ordinary people, especially victims of COVID-19.

These are poignant reminders we can take from the best practices in healthcare management. Krishnamoorthy tells the story as it is, or in the words of the author – documenting news, comments and stories as events unfold for the record.

The book takes readers on a sobering journey of the man who breathed his last without the comforts of his family. Describes scenes of how a mother and celebrity gave birth but never got to cuddle her baby. Most of the appreciation was for frontliners who worked beyond 24 hours a day to meet nation needs.

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Through 33 personal anecdotal chapters as well as news articles, commentaries and insights, Krishnamoorthy shows how the Malaysian psyche has changed during the pandemic.

Indeed, it is a tale of introspective tales of hurt and healing, abuse and forgiveness, sorrow and glory, and tears and triumph. He salutes ordinary people who do extraordinary acts of kindness during a pandemic. This is certainly a new tale of people caught in a historic crisis that should sting our hearts. “

As a writer and journalist for over 35 years, it is my firm intention not to point out human flaws but rather to celebrate the beauty and unity of humanity working in unison despite the weakness of the system. health.

All I could do personally was pray silently a few times a day for the hospitalized and sick. The selfless act of thinking about the victims of COVID-19 has humbled me beyond my selfish self. I have found love, meditative peace and harmony within myself, praying with Malaysians for the sick and the dying.

It is with great hope that this book, IF THE DYING COULD SPEAK, will help policymakers learn from health experts on innovative and viable health care strategies. As we recover from the pandemic, let’s plan and look back on what we did right and what we didn’t. Such a reflection is progressive for the nation and for us to grow together.

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There is no need to be rude or provocative in our discussion. We do not aspire to demean or hurt anyone; we hope to give everyone a voice in what concerns us – life, death and livelihood.

It is a book to give meaning to the news. Hearing news of people who are dying by the hundreds every day and numbering in the thousands in total from the COVID-19 virus is something my mind could not comprehend. Therefore, our health services must tend towards restoration: reset and restart.

During a pandemic, the government’s mission should be to reduce the burden on the population. It should implement standard operating procedures (SOPs), which are more transparent and simpler.

Along with Malaysians, I have endeavored to record Malaysian stories to help improve health services and reduce the number of daily deaths. At the same time, I try to make sense of the news of the people who are dying. In my social activism, advocacy, and educational approach to educating the public about COVID-19, I make sure my message is clear by getting feedback from friends.

People have betrayed, intimidated, deceived and humiliated me and maybe even you; I overcome stress by taking a few deep breaths to relax and meditate. I forgive, forget and ignore those who insult me.

For most of us, relationships matter. I grew up with my parents teaching me to forgive and forget. “That was the time.” Do you remember the lyrics? “We would sing and dance forever and a day; We would live the life we ​​choose; We will fight and never lose; Because we were young and sure to have our way.

Musical lyrics soothe our spirits. In all the growing sadness and death, I present at the beginning of the chapters some touching, caring and loving song lyrics (snippets) that gave me balance of mind, body and soul.

Now, as I continue to write as a freelance writer, what my conscience tells me. We cannot hide the facts because the death toll keeps increasing. I salute those who have taken the lead, helping others lay the groundwork for further recoveries among the dying.

They have laid the groundwork for hope, dreams and aspirations for a fresh start as more Malaysians come together to serve and stay together more substantially. Malaysia will continue to be great again. Hopefully, in the words of Malaysian Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman, “May Malaysia be a beacon of light in a dark and restless, distracted and disturbed world.”

Readers can directly access the E-Sentral eBookstore through the respective app stores at https://www.e-sentral.com/book/info/349041. The eBook comes with an introductory offer of RM20. E-Sentral Ebook Portal https://www.e-sentral.com is Malaysia’s largest eBook store.

Mr Krishnamoorthy is a freelance journalist and has served as a local producer for CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and Australian TV networks. He was also a freelance writer for The New York Times, TIME, Sydney Morning Herald and worked for The Star and New Straits for 35 years. He is the author of six books and his latest May 9 – People Power Saves Malaysia – Mahathir Leads the Way, was the bestseller for five months last year following GE 14 in Malaysia. Last year he retired as an associate professor at an international university.

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