IHRC, Inc. scientist writes e-book on biosafety and biosafety approaches to countering SARS-CoV-2


ATLANTE, August 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Chief Scientific Advisor to the IHRC, Dr. Stephen A. Morseand his colleagues Dr. Segaran Pillai of the Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Jianming Qiu of University of Kansas Medical Centerand dr. Yao Wei Huang of Zhejiang University, China recently co-edited the Frontiers research topic “Biosafety and Biosecurity Approaches to Countering SARS-COV-2: From Detection to Best Practices and Risk Assessments”. The collection of articles has been published as an open-access e-book by Frontiers.

The 18 accepted papers that make up this research topic consist of original research papers (N=7), brief research reports (N=4), methods papers (N=1), opinion (N = 2) and review articles (N = 4). The ten countries from which accepted manuscripts were submitted truly represent the magnitude of the pandemic: United States (N=5), China (N=4), and 1 each of France, Lebanon, Panama, Russia, Mexico, Bahrain, Spain, Portugaland Greece.

When this research topic began, many questions remained unanswered, including the origin of the new SARS-CoV-2, its pathogenicity, its transmissibility, the effectiveness of existing medical countermeasures and supportive therapies, and its survival in the environment. The articles included in the research topic have increased our knowledge and understanding of this virus while recognizing that much more needs to be done. This research topic has generated considerable interest and has been viewed over 100,000 times since its publication.

Access to the eBook can be found here.

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