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Communication Strategy Group puts its e-book where its mouth is.

The Huntington-based ‘brand storyteller’ has launched ‘Brandtelling for Business’, a free e-book detailing methodology, effectiveness and the importance of not just writing ‘press releases’ or creating site content Web, but to build a narrative around a brand or product.

That’s the modus operandi of the circa 2005 media marketer, who specializes in “brand stories” – public relations and content of all shapes and sizes – for professional service providers, manufacturers and others. businesses looking to launch a product, build brand awareness, or otherwise thrive in the modern economy.

Giving away the e-book – effectively the third edition of “Brandtelling for Business”, originally published in 2015 – for free is about “added value”, a cornerstone of the CSG mantra, according to founder and “chief brandteller” Arthur Germain.

“We really believe in the idea that you can tell your brand story in a unique way that adds value,” Germain told Innovate LI. “We often create e-books and checklists that we give to clients, sometimes just to help a client better understand our process – an idea of ​​what it’s like to work with us.

“In some cases, a potential client may read it and say, ‘OK, I’ll think about it when I write a blog or create a presentation,'” he added. “That’s fine – I’d rather someone see me as a brand storyteller, than another guy just out to make money.”

Arthur Germain: Tell us a story.

Filled with clever cartoons and invaluable information – not just the definition of “brandtelling”, but a step-by-step guide to creating a brandtelling strategy – the 14-page PDF booklet has been constantly updated since its first appearance on virtual shelves.

The third edition makes new use of “new ideas, including customer feedback”, according to Germain, making it “more timely” – an essential update in the rapidly changing world of digital communications.

Germain created the written content himself, and the CSG team built “Brandtelling for Business” using basic office tools – Microsoft Word and the free graphic design platform Canva in the lead.

The cartoons come from artist Mark Anderson, creator of, who “really has a great point of view and ability to work things into cartoons,” according to Germain.

“I had seen a cartoon of him, and I reached out and asked him if he made custom cartoons,” the entrepreneur recalled. “I asked him to create a custom brandtelling cartoon, and it’s still the cartoon from the last page of the [e-book].”

The simplicity of “Brandtelling for Business” adds value to the added value, noted Germain – common tools and a free download may seem like a short time, but filling this download with useful information shows just how far CSG is ahead- guardian.

His company doesn’t give away the store for nothing, according to its founder.

“You create something of value and ask for a little bit of information in return,” Germain said. “In this case, we are asking for an email address to download a copy of the book.”

Communication Strategy Group will of course use these email addresses. “We reach out to see if anyone is interested in a conversation,” Germain noted, but whether or not a potential client is interested – or even responds – mission accomplished: a relationship is established, with CSG positioned. as a connoisseur and generous. The source.

This isn’t the first time Germain has innovated with his 2005 startup to meet audiences in their home turf: In 2018, he oversaw the launch of BrandStoryCasting, a high-tech spin-off focused on the throbbing podcast market.

Now, with the third edition going live, Germain hopes for another “Brandtelling for Business” bump: Previous incarnations of the downloadable e-book “have sparked conversations with companies looking to rebuild their brands,” he said. note.

Whether or not the revamped version directly generates new business, its focus is constant — and always valuable, according to Germain.

“We do what we always recommend to customers,” he said. “We tell a story and create value.

“We provide advice and perspective,” added Germain. “If that’s going to result in new work from a client, or maybe a new referral, then that’s added value.”

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