It’s digital! E-book rental cuts costs – and backpacks – for App State students


BOONE, NC – Appalachian State University’s textbook rental program has gone digital, providing students with significant savings and value. State App students can now read and download textbooks and course materials to their tablets and phones, improving the accessibility and volume of material available through the university’s textbook rental program, which is in place since 1938.

“With this improvement, our rental program has become state-of-the-art, providing even more value to our students and aligning with our goal of providing equal access for all to the South’s first public undergraduate institution. East.”

State Chancellor of Enforcement Sheri Everts

“We are looking for all opportunities to enhance the teaching and learning experience,” said App State Chancellor Sheri Everts. “Our textbook rental program is one of the oldest in the country and has helped improve access to course materials for over 80 years. With this improvement, our rental program has become state-of-the-art, providing even more value to our students and aligning with our goal of providing equal access for all to South East’s first public undergraduate institution. .

Through the program – the second of its kind in the country – students will pay a flat rate of $ 250 per semester that covers required textbooks and learning materials. Previously, the program covered one physical book per course and cost $ 156 per semester.

App State’s textbook rental program – the second of its kind in the country – offers even more value to students.

Across the University of North Carolina system, the average cost of books and supplies for full-time undergraduates was $ 1,113 in the 2019-20 academic year, according to the estimated cost of using the system.

About 70% to 80% of course materials are available in digital form; titles that are not will be available in hard copy. Students who wish to have a printed copy of a textbook have a few options available.

John Eckman, associate vice chancellor for campus services, explained that in the past, some students who needed to purchase additional books and course materials chose to delay the purchase or not order at all. “Without the materials, students fell behind,” Eckman said, adding that e-books give students fair access to most course materials.

More than 6,800 students participated in the program during App State’s 2021 summer sessions. Only 2% withdrew.

Sustainable and flexible access

The advantages of the digital program include:

  • Students arrive on the first day of class with access to the course material already in place.
  • Students can access the content anywhere, anytime, including offline.
  • EBooks are ADA compliant and suitable for screen readers or font enlargements.
  • Digital books lighten the load on a student.
  • Digital books are durable, require no physical delivery, packaging materials, or labor, and do not contribute to the landfill of waste.

The rental program is optional each semester for each student. Students who have internships or a limited need for materials during a term may choose to opt out. Others may wish to purchase and keep their material for future reference.

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Obtain textbooks and course materials

The University Bookstore Textbook Rental Program provides every undergraduate App State student with access to textbooks and course materials, in digital and / or physical form.

It also provides a list of manuals and materials for each course. Students can order online by visiting Find Textbooks and Course Materials.

The Appalachian State University Bookstore is the best place to buy official App State materials. From clothes and gifts to books and school supplies, we’ve got everything a true climber needs!

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