Jennifer Orode tackles customer service issues in new e-book

The treasures, they say, are hidden in the books; and can only be found by those willing to dig up such treasures.

For Jennifer Orode, customer service expert and international business coach whose focus is on re-engineering businesses around the world to achieve high profitability by delivering exceptional customer experiences.

Jennifer is well known for her passion for growing and transforming businesses as well as creating wealth for clients and organizations.

She has led and managed multidimensional businesses and teams through various capacities in cash and securities sales fund management, business development, client relationship management, and strategy formulation and implementation.

One of her many ways to keep her dreams valid is through the books she writes.

The scholarly founder of Ingenium Concepts recently released her e-book titled “The Customer You Had But Never Knew”, which she says talks extensively about the essentials of customer service and the best way to be in good customer records. as well as amass more customers while providing top-notch services to their satisfaction.

With this book, many businesses would thrive successfully after learning the secrets to maintaining good customer relationships and ensuring customer satisfaction in all dealings with their business.

“This book contains everything you need to know about how to maintain good relationships with customers and ensure that your business does not die out.

Good references are good publicity for any business and that’s why my book is for anyone who needs to know how to run their business successfully,” she said.

Jennifer Orode has always believed that customers “are beginning to be more cautious in their purchasing decisions due to the global economic situation and the service experiences they are getting from companies. The effect of customer decisions in times like this are gradually reflected in business performance, leading to countless challenges for shareholders and stakeholders, hence his decision to publish the book.

She further concluded, “I am looking for lucky entrepreneurs in different African countries who are ready to build their actionable business growth framework as we take you by the hand and walk you through the growth journey.”


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