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The JM Internet Group (, a leader in digital marketing books for small business marketers, is proud to announce that the 2019 edition of The Marketing Book, a new book focused on small business marketing, has topped 15 reviews on Amazon . Even in a market crowded with books on how to market a business, The Marketing Book is gaining momentum and is now available on all three major platforms – as a paperback, Kindle book and audiobook on Audible. The Marketing Book

“It’s hard to stand out among the mass of marketing books,” explained jason mcdonald, Director of the JM Internet Group. “However, the fact that we’ve garnered fifteen positive reviews on Amazon and have sold thousands of copies of the book to date proves that it strikes a chord with small business owners who want a hands-on, hands-on approach. of building their brand and selling more stuff.

To view online reviews, one can visit The marketing book online on Amazon at or on Audible at More information about the book is available at On all the websites related to Amazon, one can simply find the “review” link and then read the positive reviews of the book.

Even better, Amazon has enabled the “look inside” feature and Audible has enabled the audio preview feature. This way, an interested person can not only read the reviews, but also get an overview of the book. Journalists, bloggers and other influencers can also contact the JM Internet Group for review copies.


Here is the context of this release. Many marketing books focus on the very high level of enthusiastic generalities. Often written by experts or professors, these books claim to have found the next “new” thing, then turn it into a “magic wand” for marketers. Although these books generate a lot of enthusiasm, they lack practical recommendations and practical tasks. In contrast, other books such as the popular “Dummies” series provide very practical step-by-step advice, but are outdated and do not provide the marketer with the big picture. The Marketing Book, on the other hand, focuses on the common ground – part theory and part practice, motivating the small business marketer to conceptualize their marketing strategy and then execute it.

The book is based on the think/do/measure method of marketing. Each chapter explains a marketing task by, first, explaining how to think about the concept, second, giving readers specific action items for actually doing it, and third, providing guidance on how to measure what works (and which does not work) to do so. better over time. Even those who digest the book in audio format can use this methodology because the book includes a PDF copy and a sample marketing plan after registration.

In summary, it’s no surprise that the book is garnering positive online reviews at an increasing rate and enjoying an explosion in sales. The time has come for a marketing book that explains in practical English how to think, how to do and how to measure the most important activity facing a business: marketing.


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