John Thome publishes a book on marketing

John Thome, who spent over 30 years working in the packaging converting and printing industry at Graymills and Pro Mark Technologies/BST ​​International/BST eltromat, has written and published a book on sales and marketing. “Marketing with Exceptional Results: 50 Lessons on How to Excel in Business-to-Business Marketing” was edited by Yolanda Simonsis and is available now on Amazon worldwide. The book is dedicated to Norm and Jean Provan, and to Jerry and Linda Shields, for whom the author worked for many years.

The book traces – among many other topics – the development of print inspection systems for packaging printing applications from approximately 1992 to 2015 and
provides great insight and behind-the-scenes insight into the development, marketing, and sales of these products. During his career, John Thome was a globally recognized expert in print inspection and spoke on the subject throughout North, Central and South America, Australia, India and Europe. .

The book has been described as “a biographical, fly-on-the-wall account that is entertaining from cover to cover”. According to the publisher, here is what sets this book apart:

• Everything is in color as the book contains hundreds of illustrations and photos that bring each topic to life and help illustrate 50 lessons.
• It contains only real activities that have been used and real products that have been sold and marketed in more than 70 countries around the world.
• Throughout, you’ll find the author’s formulas for success – what the publisher calls his “trade secrets”.
• Each chapter is filled with example after example of real-life marketing strategies and tactics used, and how and why they did or didn’t work.
• Each chapter also contains many references to marketing techniques that should NOT be used – ever – and why, such as posting all your materials on your website.

Simonsis comments, “John Thome’s romance with marketing is no secret love affair. As a veteran marketing expert with over 40 years of experience, John shares his real-life experiences, leaving no stone unturned to drive home the point. He unabashedly shares his blunders and stellar triumphs in a direct, concise, candid, and illustrative manner with real-world examples that inspire the novice marketing student to become another evangelist. Sometimes I felt like the proverbial fly on the wall, learning all of John’s marketing secrets for success. Marketing with results is an entertaining and equally compelling testament to the power of real-life lessons.′′

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