Kotler Impact launches ‘Essentials of Modern Marketing’ book – Pakistan


KARACHI: Kotler Impact recently launched his book “Essentials of Modern Marketing” in Pakistan, written by marketing guru himself Philip Kotler.

This is the first time that an international book incorporates success stories from Pakistani organizations in the form of case studies. Jaffer Business Systems is one of 16 distinguished Pakistani companies mentioned in this book. Students in Pakistan and other developing countries are used to studying case studies / success stories of foreign companies as part of their textbooks, and they would find it difficult to identify with their products and services. Now they will study the businesses, products or services that they benefit from or see around them. This is a breakthrough for Jaffer Business Systems being the only technology company covered in Kotler’s book – bridging the gap between the academic and corporate sectors.

Expressing his point of view on this occasion, Sheikh Tariq, (Regional Sales Manager of Jaffer Business Systems) said: “It is a moment of great privilege for all of Jaffar Business Systems after being recognized in one leading marketing books. “

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