Latinx Legal Marketing Book Soars To Amazon’s New # 1 Release, Gaining Press Buzz



Jul 31, 2021 10:46 a.m. ET


After having been published a little over two weeks ago, “Beyond Se Habla Español: How Lawyers Win the Hispanic Market”, written by the founders of Nanato Media, Natalie Fragkouli and Liel levy, quickly became an Amazon bestseller in the Law Firm Marketing & Advertising and Client Relations categories.

The book is primarily intended for lawyers whose clientele is largely individual consumers; examples include personal injury, workers’ compensation, bankruptcy, immigration, family law, criminal practices and others. Nanato Media, the author’s marketing agency, is headquartered in Austin and focuses on helping law firms that focus on the growing Hispanic-American market.

Since its publication, several media outlets have already featured authors Fragkouli and Levy discussing their book and the importance of the growing Hispanic community to law firms. Such an article published by the Daily business review is titled “Reaching Hispanic Customers: Why Digital-Forward is the Smart Strategy for Business”. In the article, Fragkouli and Levy highlight the importance for companies to use the right marketing channels to connect with the Hispanic community, the fastest growing demographic in the United States.

The reception on the online platforms has also been excellent for the book. At the time of publication, “Beyond Se Habla Español” has a 100% 5-star rating on Amazon. Stéphanie, an American reader, titled her review A must read for legal marketers in 2021.

Fragkouli and Levy were also featured on Law360, once again discussing the importance of marketing to Hispanic audiences and the complexity of doing it effectively. “We are delighted with the reception the book has received so far, and are pleased to see individuals and publications recognize the importance of the Hispanic American population,” said Levy. “So many companies totally ignore the Hispanic market or make so many mistakes that their efforts are wasted; we hope that with our book we can change the paradigm and in doing so benefit both the Hispanic community and the companies that serve them; it is truly a win-win. “

“Beyond Se Habla Español” was released on July 13. It is available from all major booksellers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the Authors and Nanato Media

Nathalie Fragkouli is an MBA with over 10 years of experience serving companies that need help in marketing to the Hispanic American population. Liel levy grew up working in a family business that has grown into one of the nation’s leading Hispanic legal brands. Together, Fragkouli and Levy co-founded Nanato Media with the goal of helping law firms run relevant expert campaigns targeting local Hispanic markets.

Media contact: Liel levy – [email protected] – 512 813 0087

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