Mark Camilleri Launches New eBook With ‘Untold Stories’ About Corruption and Crime



Former National Book Council chairman Mark Camilleri has launched an e-book which he says contains “untold stories about government sanctioned criminal activity.”

Camilleri initially launched her book, “A Rent Seeker’s Paradise,” on Open Sea, a global digital marketplace for non-fungible tokens and crypto collectibles.

In a strategy unique to the local book industry, he is trying to sell 100 of these books for 0.1 Ether (around € 292) each and intends to use the money to fund the printing of the book at Malta, security and legal fees, and other publications.

His plan is to publish the book in October.

Camilleri says his book will expose the links between senior government officials and smuggling oil from Libya and explain why former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s “closeness to criminals” was intentional and not by accident.

“Although I cannot prove it, I am completely convinced that Joseph Muscat, in addition to being involved in corruption himself, was also aware in advance of the plan to assassinate Daphne Caruana Galizia. . I give detailed explanations in my book, ”he said.

He added that his book gives credence to the warnings of murdered journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia regarding corruption at the Electrogas power plant and her claim that former Economy Minister Chris Cardona visited a brothel while ‘he was in government service in Germany.

In addition, he promised to “shame” another minister “who had a similar life in Cardona and also participated in the cover-up of the Panama Papers scandal”.

He said he is cooperating with the police and sharing his information directly with Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa and his deputy. Earlier, he expressed his hope that his book will lead to major arrests.

Camilleri was appointed President of the National Book Council in 2013 and is highly regarded within the industry for overhauling the sector. A former Labor Party delegate, he has become extremely critical of the PL government in the wake of the 2019 political crisis, calling Muscat a “sociopath”.

His contract as head of the Book Council was not renewed this summer and, after eight years at the helm, was replaced by a novelist also called Mark Camilleri.

Are you going to buy Mark Camilleri’s book?

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