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Wise Divers is back with a new e-book, this time with a dive column by dive historian Eric Hanauer aptly titled Diving through the decades. The volume is the fifth e-book in the series, which includes 101 tips for underwater photographers, Amazing animals you can see underwater (Vol. 1 and 2), and 101 tips for recreational divers.

A “decade-by-decade journey through the evolution of diving”, the e-book examines the key inventions, events and people that transformed diving from a niche activity started by a few into a hobby immensely popular for millions of people around the world. world today. Hanauer, the NOGI winner, is a household name with a long and illustrious career as a writer and shooter, and we bet there’s plenty of fascinating stuff about underwater photography and filmmaking in the book, too. In addition to photos and personal stories, Hanauer includes interviews with influential figures in the dive industry, conducted over some 40 years.

Available now in the Apple Book Store and on, Diving through the decades is priced at $14.99.


Diving Through the Decades is now available

This is the fifth book in the Wise Divers e-book series.

Announcing a new eBook that chronicles the progression of scuba diving from humble beginnings to an international sport enjoyed by millions. Written by highly respected diving historian Eric Hanauer, Diving through the decades takes readers on an intimate and personal journey, decade by decade, through the evolution of diving while highlighting the inventions, events and pioneers of diving. The full text includes personal stories, historic photographs, and insightful interviews conducted by Hanauer with many of the pioneers of diving who laid the foundations of diving as we know it today. The interviews (conducted over a period of 40 years) transform the book from a compendium of historical facts into an intimate experience for diving enthusiasts.

Hanauer’s first magazine article appeared in skin diver in 1977. This launched a parallel career as a writer and photographer that took Hanauer around the world during the height of the magazine industry. Eventually, it spread to other publications, including Diving training, Fathoms, Scubapro Diving and Snorkeling, Dive timeand sport diver, among others. His signature has appeared in over 1,000 articles, many of which have been reprinted internationally. The recipient of the prestigious 2019 NOGI (New Orleans Grand Isle) Award in Sports/Education presented by the Underwater Academy of Arts and Sciences, Hanauer has written four additional books: The Egyptian Red Sea, Diving Pioneers, Diving Micronesiaand Immersiona corporate history of Aqua Lung.

Created by divers for divers, the Wise Divers e-book series began in January 2021 with the publication of 101 tips for underwater photographers. More information about the 5 eBooks in the series can be found at The e-book is available on Apple Book Store and on

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90 years of diving in 327 pages
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