offers 2022 Compensation Best Practices eBook

Salaire.coman MHA-approved business partner, shares their 10 Compensation Best Practices” e-book as a resource for hospital leaders to consider in developing compensation strategies.

Hospitals and healthcare systems continue to transform, and compensation practices must keep pace. Staff retention has become a major concern, and issues of diversity and equal pay are of crucial importance.

An organization’s compensation philosophy is the first step toward fair and competitive compensation, leading to higher retention rates and the ability to attract top talent. Employers can open up the level of transparency throughout the organization and develop trust among employees. The philosophy will help answer employee questions about how their salary is determined.

Downloading’s “10 Best Practices in Compensation” e-book will help healthcare leaders review their compensation philosophy in the context of today’s human resources challenges and discover other strategies to establish appropriate remuneration structures in 2022.

Members with questions can contact Kevin Plunkett on For more information on the MHA-approved Business Partner Program, contact Rob Wood at MHA.

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