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Singapore-based children’s book author, Apple Sophia Lim, announced that it is now entering the world of non-fungible tokens (NFT) for the very first time, with a limited edition NFT e-book.

Title Make a wish for a unicorn #MAWFAUthe popular children’s book was officially launched as an NFT eBook in OpenSea on April 7, 2022 and is now available for purchase, with the aim of encouraging creativity in young children around the world.

Published and co-authored by Ms. Apple Sophia Lim and four self-published young authors, Make a wish for a unicorn is the very first eBook to launch as an NFT. Those who purchase the NFT will not only receive a digitally signed copy of the e-book with each author’s signatures, but a physical copy of the book will also be sent.

Created with the help of four child authors, Arielle Tan (9 years old), Alva Ng (8 years old), Avery Tan (7 years old) and Anya Ng (5 years old), each of them contributed interesting elements to the story. As a result, the interactive book has been incredibly popular with young families, thanks to the colorful illustrations and the superbly fun story imagined from a child’s perspective.

“When I write Make a wish for a unicorn, we wanted to create a children’s book that can be enjoyed by both children and adults so that it can form a unique, fun and inspiring bonding experience between children and their parents. said Apple.

More importantly, the true meaning of the book goes far beyond fun and laughter – Apple also views the finished book as a “legacy” that it wants to leave for its children.

“Building a personal legacy isn’t always about transferring financial assets to the next generation. A legacy can be thought of as an interconnection over time and should be something meaningful that allows you to perpetuate it over time. I see my completed Make a Wish for a Unicorn book as a legacy that crystallized the valuable time and effort my children spent with me to create and publish this children’s book. The Chinese edition of the book is now in the National Library of Singapore and would be archived for years to come. Now with the launch of this NFT e-book which was created on the Blockchain and will exist in perpetuity, I believe this is the most precious legacy I can leave to my two daughters!

Apple, which has no background in creating or publishing, has found its true calling in creating children’s books. She is therefore on a mission to inspire and encourage young children around the world to believe that their wishes and dreams can truly come true as long as they have the courage and passion to succeed.

“With the new NFT, we take this mission one step further. By fully reinvesting all profits into developing more fun and creative children’s stories, it will ensure that more children’s books can be created for all families to enjoy for many years to come. The production costs of our books can indeed be very high – but by buying this NFT, you’ll help empower even more kids to create and post their own stories. For us, this is really priceless!

The NFT digital e-book is issued in a limited edition and will be verified to contain the copyrights and original work of the authors. This is an extremely special opportunity for buyers as this is a receipt for ownership of this limited edition e-book, which may be the first of its kind.

About us: NFT is a term regularly seen and heard in the media and the crypto community. This is a digital token for an original and copyrighted product. It can include a variety of things, such as the original product content as well as additional digital files of the original product, or even a contract that allows owners to resell a single copy of the eBook once they’ve finished reading. . this. All royalties from the official Make a Wish for a Unicorn NFT (#MAWFAU) eBook will be reinvested into the printing and production of further physical copies and stories. This means that anyone who purchases this NFT e-book will not only ensure that families around the world have the opportunity to enjoy the books, but also potentially help children become creative themselves. The book was released when Apple author Sophia Lim, a proud mother of two young girls, recognized there was a huge void in the market for fun, interactive children’s books. Based on their original ideas, they brainstormed and created their first “Make a Wish for a Unicorn” book, before continuing with three more series of interactive “Make a Wish for a Book” books that are now highly regarded in the world. whole world. The 40-page “Make a Wish for a Unicorn” book is packed with colorful illustrations, interactive elements, and promotes a valuable lesson in brotherly love.

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