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The biggest challenge for most small and medium businesses is acquiring new customers – something that is directly influenced by marketing. Yet these same companies typically don’t invest adequately in marketing – often assigning only one person the responsibility in large part because they don’t understand the complexity of good marketing. Often times, marketing strategies are seen as synonymous with a campaign plan and therefore investments are made – and subsequently wasted – on the basis of siled promotions rather than an integrated, marketing-driven approach within the company.

“TO LimeHub we work with many small and medium businesses who come to us frustrated that their marketing efforts are not successful. When you look a little further it’s still the same scenario as they basically don’t understand the function of marketing, where it is within the organization and what it needs. Writes Raine Gaisford, Founder of LimeHub and Author of Level Up.

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“We find that they have assigned the role of marketing manager to the office administrator, an intern or a human resources manager, that they have inconsistencies and ambiguities in their messages and that they sell rather than marketing. An obvious solution would be a marketing strategy, but it lacks the inside knowledge to create one that results in a perpetual cycle of inefficient investments.

But for those same companies, bombarded with marketing jargon, ambiguous explanations, competing advertising platforms, promises of silver bullets and overnight success, etc. can we really blame them for their decisions? How can they really know what is right or wrong, what will work and what will fail, and what they should really be spending their money on?

Take it to the Next Level: Your Strategy for Marketing-Driven Sustainable Growth was written to demystify marketing concepts and provide businesses with a clear and actionable 12-month marketing program. Each month features task-based topics (rather than templates) that build on each other from the foundations.

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“I explain what to do, how to do it and why it is important. This approach ensures that the full value of an activity is unlocked by taking the right sequential and systematic approach.

The book’s pre-release drew strong feedback from readers. Jules Brooke, founder of She’s the Boss wrote:

“Wow! This book is just great if you really want to be strategic with your marketing to get amazing results. Raine shared the secrets she learned during her career and provided the framework and workbook for that you can plan and document your journey to greatness.

Level Up is unlike any other marketing manual, guide, template, or self-help marketing book. When followed methodically, it will change the way marketing is viewed, acted upon, and invested.

Marketing Technology News: MarTech Interview with Eddie Porrello, Product Manager at Amber Engine

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