Ted Cruz’s New eBook on Critical Race Theory argues that the search for fairness in the US really calls for “discrimination” against whites

  • Ted cruz just published an ebook on how to fight Critical breed theory in K-12 schools.
  • The Texas senator claims that critical concepts in racial theory have “infiltrated our education system.”

Texas Senator Ted Cruz is on a mission to “defeat” critical race theory, the study of racial prejudice in American laws that he says “is taking our schools by storm.”

Although educators say CRT is not taught in K-12 schools, Cruz argues that the concepts have “infiltrated our education system” in a free, downloadable 10-page e-book exploring the origins of the college course and alleging that it is linked to Marxism.

“Together, I think we can defeat critical race theory in our schools and ensure that students learn the true history of America, the history of American greatness,” Cruz says in the eBook.

The e-book, based on Cruz’s Aug. 9 lecture at the Leadership Institute School Board Campaign Training, echoes complaints and talking points that other conservatives have used to fuel controversy over the topic. For example, Christopher Rufo, the Manhattan Institute scholar who started the political discussion of CRT in 2020 on Fox News, urged conservatives to use the term “race-based Marxism” in a section of the informative book of the CRT on the messaging titled “Winning the Language War”. “

Anyone trying to download the book must provide their email address and will receive a donation request. “Please donate today to help train more conservatives to stop critical race theory,” the request says.

Cruz’s eBook teaches curators how to “spot CRT concepts” in K-12 curricula by looking for “buzzwords” like “white privilege,” “systemic racism,” and “fairness.”

It focuses on “fairness”, a word that the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines as “fairness or justice in the way people are treated”. Cruz maintains that the CRT rejects equality and instead demands “fairness”.

“You see, for critical race theorists, in order to achieve equity, local and federal government policies must dis-
incriminate so that the same results are obtained by all races, ”writes Cruz. “If the policies do not meet this standard, the CRT considers them to be racist policies. “

The electronic book, promoted via sponsored tweet Wednesday by The Washington Times, was part of an 11-hour program sponsored by the Leadership Institute in August to prepare Tories to run for local school board seats “against the entrenched left,” according to a message that appears when you register to download the book.

He entered the program as school board races across the country heated up due to cultural warfare issues in education, including teaching race. A Ballotpedia study identified 272 school districts in 25 states where applicants took a stand on critical race theory, the role of race in specific equity and diversity programs or plans, Covid-19 responses and sex education or the use of gender-specific facilities.

The most frequently cited issue was “race in education / critical race theory,” mentioned in 248 races, according to the study. Meanwhile, bills and laws to restrict discussions of race and gender in classrooms have emerged in Republican-ruled states.

Cruz, a Harvard-trained attorney and former Texas Solicitor General, argues that the CRT is based on a Marxist view of society as a conflict between the oppressors and the oppressed. He adds that “critics of capitalism and property have been the common threads of the CRT’s quilt from the very beginning.”

It links the CRT to the New York Times Magazine’s “1619 Project,” an account of US history with the aftermath of slavery and the contributions of black Americans to America at the center. Several school districts teach Project 1619 using the Pulitzer Center teaching guides.

Cruz also cites a document from the National Education Association, the country’s largest union representing both teachers and college professors, which says they “oppose attempts to ban critical race theory. and / or the 1619 project “, that they support” honest teaching of the studies “, and that it is” appropriate that the program is informed by academic executives “who include the CRT. The NEA did not immediately comment.

Cruz urged conservatives to stand up and fight, citing a case in Southlake, Texas where he said conservative parents “have come together to defeat a ridiculous
The Critical Race Theory initiative that the local school district diversity committee had put forward.

“Conservative parents managed to come together to fight this, and they got three times as many people to run and vote in the school board election than usual. And guess what, they won the school board election. school council
about 70 to 30, a huge margin, “Cruz wrote.” This is what happens when we have local leaders like you pushing aside critical race theory. “

Fordham University Law School Professor Tanya Katerí Hernández, who taught CRT for 25 years, described the topic to Insider as an analysis of legal case law that examines how advances in civil rights law have been undermined and in many ways led to disenchantment with a color blind approach to combating racism. People think that “this is part of an anti-money laundering mode of analysis or a platform of racial hatred,” she said, adding that it was “completely wrong”.

But Morton Blackwell, president of the Leadership Institute, said in an email accompanying the eBook that Cruz is “helping Tories understand the horrible truth” about CRT.

“Please share this eBook with other members of your family and community so that they too can learn to spot the concepts of Critical Race Theory,” he writes. “As Senator Cruz makes clear, when the Conservatives rise up and act, we can defeat the leftist indoctrination.”

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