The Bookseller – Rights – Jack Monroe’s Thrifty Kitchen and free e-book signed by Bluebird


Bluebird tagged Economical cooking and a free e-book of recipes from anti-poverty campaigner and “national treasure” Jack Monroe.

Publisher Carole Tonkinson has acquired worldwide rights to Rosemary Scoular from United Agents. Economical cooking, described as a “bumper household guide”, will be published on January 5, 2023.

“There is no one better qualified than Jack to guide readers through the challenges of eating and living on a budget, with his delicious, nutritious food and wise, accessible household advice,” Scoular said. “She’s a wonderful writer and activist, and we’re thrilled to have her working with the brilliant team at Bluebird again on her much-needed new book.”

Economical cooking includes 120 low-cost recipes plus money-saving tips and lifestyle tips. With warming curries, pies, sauces and puddings, Monroe shows how to transform “basic ingredients into nutritious, mouth-watering meals that you and your wallet will love”. The editor continued: “Jack is the UK’s best-loved expert on budget cooking; through the gorgeous recipes and simple advice of Economical cookingit proves there’s no need to sacrifice flavor or settle for lackluster meals when you’re spending less.”

Next to Economical cookingBluebird and Monroe will publish 30 thrifty meals for less, a free e-book that will include 30 low-cost recipes, 10 from the new book and the rest from previous Monroe titles. It will be available for download from the Pan Macmillan and Trusell Trust websites.

Tonkinson said: “Jack’s work to highlight food poverty in the UK has never been more important. We are incredibly proud to be working with Jack on Economical cooking, her most comprehensive book to date, which shares her ingenious recipes and tips for boosting the household budget. Jack is a hero to me and so many others: his hands-on approach is comforting and welcome. As she writes: “First we feed the people and then we plan the revolution”. Jack is a gem and a national treasure.”

Monroe added: “I hope that in these difficult times this book will help you reduce your shopping bill, expand your culinary repertoire, use odds and turf, be a little more kind to the planet making single-use plastics for many years to come. And may the tips and tricks it contains give you some breathing space in your household budget, some joy in your days, and a little glimmer of relief when you go to bed at night can be exhausting, complicated and overwhelming i have tried here to make some of it genuinely enjoyable, simple and smooth life changing It won’t make everything easier overnight but it can make some things a little better, one day, a can of cheap tomatoes, an extra pound in your pocket at a time.”

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