The new Internet marketing book, “The Bootstrap Guide to the Mobile Web,” is a quick and hands-on tutorial for business owners on developing websites and mobile applications.



The mobile web starter guide

The “Getting Started Guide” helps you formulate the right strategies and plans for the mobile web to advance your specific business goals.

Small business owners, entrepreneurs and freelance professionals will find the quick help they need to build their mobile web strategy right now in the new book, “Guide to Getting Started with the Mobile Web: Practical Plans for Making Your Business Mobile Mobile.” a few days for just a Few Bucks ”(Quill Driver Books, May 2012), by Internet marketing authority Deltina Hay.

“The Mobile Web’s Bootstrap Guide” is a quick, convenient, and practical introduction to the nuts and bolts of promoting your business through mobile apps and websites for smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices, written for DIY entrepreneurs who have no time or money to waste and want to grow their brands, improve their sales and reach the millions of people who shop online only through mobile devices.

The “Starter Guide” brings the mobile web to mainstream business users who need fast and efficient results. Without wasting the reader’s time on theory, jargon, or abstract programming concepts, “The Bootstrapper’s Guide” teaches how to build a successful mobile web presence without learning programming languages ​​or becoming a web designer. With “The Bootstrapper’s Guide” you can do it yourself, do it inexpensively, and do it now.

Using real-world best practice examples for mobile development, the “Starter Guide” provides readers with hands-on training to get started in mobile web marketing. Easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions, illustrated throughout numerous screenshots, show exactly what to do each step of the way.

The “Starter Guide” builds readers’ knowledge, practical skills and confidence with basic mobile web technologies:

—Develop mobile websites by writing your own code, using a content management system (CMS), or using mobile web development services such as goMobi, mobisiteGalore, Winksite and Mofuse.

—Develop mobile applications for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry, using native software development kits (SDKs) or application development services such as AppMakr, Widgetbox, and IbuildApp.

—Redirection of mobile traffic and optimization, promotion and troubleshooting of mobile websites.

—Develop web-based mobile applications and convert web applications to native applications.

—Distribution, promotion and monetization of mobile applications.

—Mobile web marketing tactics, including QR codes, location-based marketing, mobile advertising, and SMS advertising.

—New and upcoming mobile technologies to plan for now, including augmented reality, search applications, near field communication (NFC) and contextual applications.

More than just a manual, the “Getting Started Guide” helps you formulate the right mobile web strategies and plans to advance your specific goals for your business. Throughout the “Getting Started Guide,” simple checklists and worksheets help you make key decisions about your mobile web strategy, target your options, and weigh costs and benefits. Special sections on results measurement and analytics tools help you assess the effectiveness of your mobile web strategy and identify which mobile web tools are creating the best results for your business. Quick summary boxes and decision guides take you directly to the information you need.

The companion site of the book, puts even more resources at your fingertips, with links to developer tools, tutorials, templates, services, apps, and spreadsheets to help you plan and execute your mobile web strategy.

“The Mobile Web Starter Guide” is the essential manual for all professionals who want to use the mobile Web to serve the development of their business. Without getting bogged down in unnecessary technical detail, the “Bootstrapper Guide” gets to the heart of the matter: strategies and tactics for building a successful mobile web presence that makes money for your business.

About the Author: A pioneer in social media marketing, Deltina Hay is the founder of the site and of the firm Power of social media. His previous books include The Critically Acclaimed Social Media Survival Guide (Quill Driver Books, 2011, ISBN 978-1-884995-70-5).

Book Details:

Title: Guide to Getting Started with the Mobile Web: Practical Plans to Make Your Business Mobile in Days for Just a Few Dollars

Author: Deltina Hay

Publisher: Quill Driver Books, an imprint of Linden Publishing

Published: May 2012, $ 24.95 ($ 27.95 Canada)

Internet Marketing, ISBN 978-1-61035-052-5

Paperback 6 “x 9”, Kindle, Nook, EPUB, 240 pages, illustrations, bibliography, index

Available at bookstores, online booksellers and Quill Driver Books (1-800-345-4447,


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