Therapist, Founder and Opinion Leader Natalia Rachel Releases FREE eBook to Help Us Move from Survival to Prosperity


Therapist, founder and thought leader Natalia Rachel publishes a FREE eBook to help us move from survival to prosperity.

SINGAPORE, October 22, 2021 / – Natalia Rachel’s new Endemic World – Healing as a Way of Life eBook is a must read for all leaders, teachers, coaches, therapists and personal development fanatics. As the world begins to recover from the trauma of Covid and we enter an endemic state, it is time to tackle the global mental health crisis by changing the way we care for ourselves and our people. others.

While mental health and sustainability have long been important topics, Natalia Rachel shares insights that help us solve some of the unseen and unspoken issues.
systemic problems that keep us in states of survival. Plus, she shares a prompt of self-inquiry and self-healing that will make us think about how we live and relate and cause us to question everything.

After surviving with the limitations of Covid, many have embarked on an existential investigation: what life do I want? Is this the job, the relationship or the state of health that I want? Or do I want to do it differently? And if so, where to start?

This eBook sheds light on the confusion we all feel and guides us on a journey to find a more compassionate and enduring way to be here. Through a series of essays, Natalia Rachel will initiate a new way of thinking that inspires us to look deeper and initiate a change in the way we take care of ourselves and usher in a new future.

The eBook will be available as a free download for a limited time.
This can be downloaded here.
It is a precious guide that our generation will benefit from reading.

About Nathalie:

Natalia Rachel shares her voice to begin to remedy the state of turmoil, trauma, disconnection and disrespect in the world. His insights into the human condition and our deep need for healing, self-compassion, empathy, and human connection, inspire audiences to awaken their hearts, illuminate their patterns, and move towards self-care and relationship repair. .

Natalia Rachel brings an amalgamation of knowledge from years of working as a therapist and clinic director with a focus on recovery from trauma and abuse, as well as her own personal journey to recover from a misdiagnosis. mental health and physical health problems resulting from childhood trauma.

His desire to answer the existential questions “Why am I?” “, ” Why are you ? “And” Why are we? Has taken her on an incredible journey of exploring mainstream & mental health care, complementary health care and the spectrum of the healing arts. His messages distill over 20 years of his own lived self-control.

As we learn to live in an endemic world, Natalia Rachel is frequently invited to speak and lead workshops that inspire a proactive approach to mental health and highlight the unmistakable connection between mind, body, l spirit and relationships.

Natalia is best known for her interventions on: Mental Health, Burnout, Trauma & Trauma Informed Culture, Relationship Dynamics, Limits & amp; respect, empathy, compassion & vulnerability. All of his lectures blend concepts from science, psychology, interpersonal neurobiology, philosophy and spirituality in an engaging and accessible format that includes conceptual learning, experiential process, history, self -investigation and development of a self-care toolkit. The audience leaves feeling full of energy, full of hope and empowered to follow their own path of mastery.

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