Usage peaks for library e-books and e-magazines

Sundre Public Library staff give updates, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on resource usage.

MOUNTAIN VIEW COUNTY – The County Council has received an update on recent activities at Sundre Municipal Library, including the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on resource usage.

The review took place at a recent regular council meeting, with library manager Karen Tubb appearing as a delegation.

“I believe the Sundre Library is making a difference in our community,” Tubb said.

According to the library’s 2022 budget, total revenue is projected to be $229,063, including $54,148 from Mountain View County and $107,625 from the City of Sundre.

Expenses are expected to be $229,025, including $153,225 for salaries and benefits and $39,150 for accommodation expenses.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a big impact on Sundre Library, she said.

“Library buildings have been closed for 40% of this year, and even now that we’re open, we’re really limited in terms of the kinds of indoor and in-person programming we can offer,” she said. .

“We can offer programs for children, youth and families, but for adult-only educational programs and we must have reduced numbers in the building and no organized recreational gatherings.

“So the question is how can libraries fulfill their mandate to meet the needs of our community when we face such limitations?”

Library staff “risen to the occasion and overcame many challenges,” she said.

When the library building was closed, the library offered technical support over the phone “which, let me tell you, is quite a challenge,” she said.

Staff also helped order books and movies, created more than 200 take-out kits for kids and adults, hosted outdoor family events, and provided curbside service with an average of 14 pickups per day. .

Additionally, online programs have been created for all ages and “many, many people have discovered our online resources.” For example, the use of e-magazines has increased by 600% and that of e-books by more than 300%.

“Now that we are open, we have changed the programs to take into account the restrictions,” she said. “We have a great summer reading club this year, with approximately 420 children aged 4-11 coming through our door this summer.”

New family and youth programs have recently been added, including a robot technology club, she said.

“We look forward to when we can welcome our knitters and painters and our book clubs and our in-person adult programs,” she said.

Circulation is up at the library, she said.

The Sundre Public Library is the only library in Parkland’s regional library system that has unionized staff (not a manager), the council said.

Council Peggy Johnson said: “I salute you and your staff for all the creative work you do. You do a lot of good things with not a lot of money.

Warden Angela Aalbers also praised library staff for their efforts.

“Thank you for everything you bring to our community,” said Aalbers.

Council accepted Tubb’s report for information.

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