What to do if Covid-19 positive? Free children’s e-book to help families

SINGAPORE – As more children under the age of 12 contract Covid-19, a new free children’s e-book is available to help them and their families understand the recovery process.

What should I do if I am positive for Covid? is the second electronic book written by Emily Lim-Leh and illustrated by Josef Lee, on the fight against the virus. The first, I Can Recover At Home!, was released in November.

Since then, the health protocols have changed and the Ministry of Health has approached the team to carry out this monitoring, which completes the first title.

“The Covid-19 situation has been so fluid, from Delta to Omicron,” says Lim-Leh. “As such, we have continued with our eBook format. This is the fastest way to spread this book resource through our social media and WhatsApp network.”

Writing and editing as well as illustrating and designing a book, whether for print or digital format, requires the same amount of work, she says.

There was also the challenge of getting it out quickly with the latest health protocols and information, adds Lim-Leh, 50, who has published more than 40 children’s books.

Lee, 42, is an experienced illustrator and full-time creative director at a design and animation studio.

The Covid-19 books were volunteer projects for both.

This time around, their story looks at the recovery process of a nine-year-old boy who has to stay in a Covid-19 treatment center with his mother.

It is also following an 11-year-old girl who her family doctor says has mild symptoms and can recover at home. She wants to be independent and chooses to isolate herself alone in a room.

But her spirits drop as she still tests positive after a few days. She then happily accepts her mother’s offer to move into her room with her until she recovers.

“Parents and children will be able to relate to this scenario,” says Dr. Darryl Lim, consultant pediatrician at Mount Alvernia Medical Center’s Kinder Clinic.

“Some of them may feel discouraged by a positive ART (rapid antigen test) result multiple times each day – for them it’s like continually passing or failing a test. So while we want to protect negative family members for Covid-19, parents had to step in to tell the children and bolster their mood.”

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