World Book Day 2020: buy children’s story books? Five Common Mistakes Parents Make!

Buying a book should be a physically and emotionally rewarding experience for your child.

World Book Day 2020: As the world prepares to celebrate World Book Day on March 5, it is critical that parents move towards ‘reading books’ as an essential activity for their child’s brain development. creative imagination and vocabulary building, among others.

World Book Day 2020: buy story books for children

Reading is not an activity to be undertaken only for knowledge or information. Navigating the real world through social interactions can be a very difficult experience in today’s world, obsessed with smartphones and social media.

Books, in this context, are a lifeline that brings hope to one’s struggles and offers solutions perhaps out of context but real enough to keep a person from drowning in despair.

As a parent who has spent most of their free time in bookstores, here are some common mistakes I have seen parents make when they walk into a bookstore to buy books for their children:

Asking a bookseller what to buy

Many parents walk into a bookstore with no list of children’s books or no idea what to look for and ask the bookstore attendant what to buy. Bad idea! Do your homework before you educate yourself. Also, don’t blindly follow what is recommended to you. On your end, check whether the book is suitable for your child’s age, interests and vocabulary.

Before buying a book, know your child’s unique preferences which may be completely different from yours.

There are a few “filters” to be aware of, such as:
1. What is the genre of the book?
2. What is the author’s name, his writing style?
3. Who is the publisher of the book?
4. Is the book age-appropriate?
5. Does the book contain difficult words?
6. What about the content in the book that encourages your child to think and speak differently about a topic?

Think of it as an investment in “R&D” for your child. As you can see, these are other “filters” that you can add to your checklist before buying a book.

Understand your child’s interests first

While you may be interested in reading memoirs and autobiographies, your child may be interested in something else.

Buy books online instead of visiting bookstores

Buying a book should be a physically and emotionally rewarding experience for your child. Are you wondering why this is relevant? After all, you can buy books with one click, right? May this continue for you, if you absolutely do not have time to visit a bookstore. For your child, make buying a book a truly engaging, physically and emotionally rewarding experience.

Remember that getting your child to read is a long-term activity, a lifelong experience. To make the book reading experience truly enjoyable, you need to let your child experience the world of books that comes to life in a bookstore.

Surrounded by the smell of books, people who walk into a bookstore for the sole purpose of buying books and observing how they make their choices and understanding book culture firsthand is as precious and priceless as the fact. to read a book.

Don’t buy an age-appropriate dictionary

Buy the best children’s books by age. When your child begins to read, one of the first things a parent should do is purchase an age-appropriate dictionary. Your child can be shown how to look up a word he does not understand in a dictionary. The methodology is quite simple and you can start by training regularly with your child.

Follow the latest innovative offers from publishers

Most parents have no idea how important it is to keep up with innovative offers brought to the market by good book publishers. Start by taking your child to book festivals in your city. Take an interest in the best offers and opportunities for your child’s overall development.

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In fact, well-known publishers like Scholastic and Oxford University Press have great digital offers to improve your child’s reading skills.

For example, OUP launched “Oxford Reading Buddy” for schoolchildren. This is a digital reading device that aims to help every child’s reading journey and support a child’s love for reading.

Scholastic India maintains direct engagement with students and their age-appropriate reading skills in schools. Recently, a notable initiative by Scholastic India launched a brand new “read aloud channel” on YouTube, which would host some of their best books that are read aloud by some of the best storytellers in the country.

Not only does this engage young readers, but it also boosts their vocabulary and interest in reading new books.

In the long run, the benefits of reading books are manifold. Most importantly, your child’s vocabulary will be a kind of treasure and it will pay rich dividends in exams, conversations, interactions, writing, and in the future when it comes to making presentations or preparing written projects.

On World Book Day 2020, remember that books have the power to transform your destiny in a deeper and deeper way than any other activity can.

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